Our first event was amazing, we have used it to launch Green Forward and the feedback has been awesome! We have started with a real buzz and it was great meeting so many like minded people, all determined to reduce their company’s carbon footprint.

You need to understand that you can make a difference but you and your businesses need to start now, today!

Here’s a little summary of our message.

Why should you look at reducing your carbon footprint?

Businesses can make a difference

Over 2/3rds of global emissions can be attributed to businesses.

What’s happening so far?

A little but not enough

Less than 10% of UK businesses have a strategy to reduce their carbon footprint.

How do I get started?

Join our network

We are holding quarterly events (our next one being in January 2020) with sustainable experts ready to offer you the sustainable solutions to reduce your business’ carbon footprint. So, if you are a business decision maker and want to reduce your organisations carbon footprint sign up to our next event.

What can I do in the meantime?

Be carbon conscious

In the days and months leading up to our next event just be conscious of what options you are choosing; if for instance your energy contract comes up for renewal, if you look at signing up with a company that uses brown energy (fossil fuels e.g. oil coal) they may tie you into a 3–5 contract which will have serious consequences when trying to reduce your carbon footprint.

What if I need advice?

Get in touch

If you need any sustainable advice get in contact with us here at Green Forward and we can point you in the direction of an expert, ready with their free advice of how to choose greener options.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our sponsors, and all of the attendees who attended our event at Plymouth; it’s reassuring to know there are other business’ out there determined to make a change.

Thank you to Beco Energy, University of Plymouth, Dynamic Servers Limited and Devon Garden Foods for sponsoring us. If any other businesses are interested in sponsoring us please get in touch.